Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Headless Horsemen! CORPUSRI lacking a HEAD!

"The members of CORPUSRI thank The Journal for the articles "As Catholic as the pope" and "Some Catholic women defy the church to be ordained" in the Sunday Extra section July 31. Both articles reflect positions held for years by members of CORPUS (Corps of Reserved Priests United for Service): optional celibacy for clergy and ordination of women...The ordination of women to the Roman Catholic priesthood is currently "in defiance of the Church," that is, Church law and hierarchy. But both can be changed. The role of women has certainly changed in the last century or two. The education and liberation of women has been a problem for men in general and for some Roman Catholic hierarchy in particular (John J. Walsh, Projo.com 8/16/05)."

The issue of women ordination pertains to the male priest acting (in persona Christi capitas) in the person (a male) of Christ the Head, as BRIDEGROOM, espoused to the CHURCH. A final point...Corpus means 'BODY'...but this Corpus, out of communion with the Catholic Church, is without the HEAD, Jesus Christ. So, it makes perfect sense, if you have no HEAD, you have NO BRAINS...and therefore, use NO REASON!

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