Saturday, September 24, 2005

Feeding the sheep GARBAGE!
Local pastor ponders with parishoners his conflict "with the universal, institutional church"
"...My conflict is with the universal, institutional church.... There are real issues that are not being realistically faced. There is a clergy shortage. There are not enough priests. Celibacy is a contributing factor but it cannot be discussed. The problem of divorced and remarried Catholics being barred from communion has less and less support but creative solutions cannot be publicly shared. The teaching on birth control is chiseled in stone according to those in charge, but written in sand according to the faithful. How long can that last? American seminaries are under the scrutiny of Vatican inspection teams and their main purpose seems to be a poorly disguised homosexual witch-hunt. Women are routinely degraded by institutional sexism that is justified by calling it tradition.

PADRE POINT: " Saul, Saul
, why do you persecute ME (Acts 9:4)?"
Since Christ and the Church are one...I 'ponder' who the real conflict is with?

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