Friday, September 02, 2005

Planned Parenthood...always there to help raise the death toll!
On Wednesday, Planned Parenthood sent an announcement to its members that the nation's largest abortion business is available to help -- with free morning after pills and birth control.
"As Hurricane Katrina ripped through the southeastern United States, Planned Parenthood is there to offer one free month of birth control or one free emergency contraception kit to women from Louisiana and Mississippi. ..In past disasters, we know there has been an increased demand for emergency contraception (Karen Pearl, Pres. of PP)."
PADRE POINT: Diabolical, Disgusting and a DISGRACE! Time for America to see the true colors of Planned Parenthood...as the rest of America helps financially, spiritually and emotionally, PP 'helps' by destroying the earliest stages of human life with the morning after pill.

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