Friday, September 23, 2005

Sister Glenn Anne McPhee, OP (USCCB Secretary for Education), criticizes Sen. T Kennedy for denying Hurricane Relief to Catholic Schools
"...Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA), ironically, stands as the premiere politician opposed to helping these young people. It is at best incredible that the senator who has built his government career on helping the disadvantaged can turn away from them in what may be their hour of greatest need. Who can be poorer than a young person who has lost his home, his school, his pet, his neighborhood and even, in some cases, members of his very family? Must such a young person be denied educational aid because parents chose to enroll him or her in a Catholic or other nonpublic school?"

PADRE POINT: Well done Sr. McPhee! It's time for every church official to realize that he is no friend of the Church and ironically not truly fo the disadvantaged...Who can be poorer than a defenseless child in the womb, which Teddy boy sees as a 'choice' to kill at will. EXCOMMUNICATION, for the sake of his soul, is long overdue!!!

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