Friday, October 14, 2005

Abortionist hasn't learned lesson: Pablo Rodriguez (RI abortionist), recovering from a February car crash in Dallas that nearly killed him, can't wait to "do abortions."
"...The nerve that feeds the arm was bruised, or even cut, in portion, by the fracture" to his right arm. "So I lost the ability to lift my wrist and extend my fingers....In gynecology you have to touch people, you have to examine them in a certain way. I want to do it right. I don't want to just go through the motions and pretend that I'm doing a good job. And I think it's also the fear of, I'll be able to do this, but not be able to do that..."I want to do surgery, do abortions, do everything that I was doing before...I never thought that I would miss the work this much. I just never, ever, ever, thought it possible. I mean, it's almost like, I was almost fantasizing about the worst day at work I ever had in my life and wishing I was there again..."

PADRE POINT: Interesting that the wrist and fingers are injured...the unborn babies are fortunate for that...he won't be able to 'touch' them for the time being!
A 2nd chance on life had been granted to save lives rather than take them as a 'doctor'
...don't miss this opportunity to repent Pablo...the next time you might not be so lucky!

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