Wednesday, November 02, 2005

ABORTION 101: Bishop Thomas Tobin (Providence) tackles the abortion issue in 63% 'pro-abortion' RI.
"...When an abortion takes place, a baby dies. A Catholic doesn't have the option of being "pro-choice" if that choice leads to the death of a child...
Now, even as I write this I know some will object saying, "What about the other issues related to human life? What about war, capital punishment, violence, poverty and abuse?" Well it's certainly true that these issues are important and legitimate pro-life concerns...Abortion is different. It is always intrinsically evil. There are no circumstances that justify abortion. Its victims are innocent and defenseless, and number in the millions. Without a doubt, abortion is the fallacious foundation upon which the culture of death builds its ugly edifice. Being passionately committed to other human life issues does not excuse an individual from personally and publicly opposing the grave sin of abortion." FULL ARTICLE HERE
(Providencevisitor.com : "Inside" Oct 27, 2005 issue).

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