Thursday, November 03, 2005

I wonder what St. Paul would say to Sr. Gramick?
On Oct. 25, Sr. Gramick spoke at the Student Union Ballroom of the ('Catholic') University of Detroit Mercy. (ARTICLE HERE)
"When we read about homosexuality in the scriptures, it's always about homosexual acts that are condemned...There is no condemnation of homosexual love relationships. In fact, the writers of the scriptures, the human persons who wrote the scriptures down, had no concept, had no understanding, of what we now call constitutional homosexuality...Paul and other writers of scriptures thought everyone was constitutionally heterosexual...Paul had no idea that approximately 10 percent of the population - maybe more - is constitutionally, naturally, oriented toward [people] of their own gender. He didn't know that."

PADRE POINT: Any wonder why the Vatican has cracked down on religious dissenters like Sr. Gramick? Confusing and misleading Catholic youth...vocations must be 'booming' in her order!

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