Friday, November 11, 2005

March of the Penquins! 10 Lessons for Modern America
(Recently I took our youth group to see this documentary and here's 10 lessons Modern America could learn from Penquins)
1. Sense of Purpose/Mission
: Travel miles to bring forth life
2. Self sacrifice:
endure suffering for good of another (new life): if either the mother or father doesn't return with food the chick dies. We can't just think about ourselves, even though it would be easier not to go back, they do!
3. Fatherhood: sacrifices comfort for female and even nurtures newborn. Strong protector role!
4. Motherhood: sacrificial love to journey for food in midst of dangers for newborn. Also. strong sense of community and/or empathy: scene when all the mothers bonded together to help the one mother when her baby was in jeopardy of being stolen…sense of protecting one another!)
5. Pro Life! Value of Life, protect egg at all costs: aware of life within!
(Note: interesting that when an egg or chick died, the crowd sighed and even wept...if only we has as much compassion for unborn babies in this country!
6. Death: sorrow in loss of loved one but moved forward
7. Natural Attraction: searched for mate of opposite sex!
8. Teamwork: marched as one, stood together to survive storm
9. Maturity: young eventually stood on their own to continue mission
10. Family ties: value of time spent: learned voice, built a bond!

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