Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Curt Jester creates another masterpiece!
A Chapter of Voice of the 'Faithful' in St Louis is in solidarity with the Rev. Bozek and the board of St. Stanislaus which has recently been declared to be in schism by Archbishop Burke.
VOTF ends their letter of support by saying.
"We hope that all Catholics in the archdiocese will honor Rev. Bozek and his new parish by joining them for 10 p.m. Mass on Christmas Eve."

"Oh great come on down and commit a mortal sin for Christmas Eve. That surely we please our savior (Curt Jester)." As Archbishop Burke said:
The faithful who approach a schismatic priest for the reception of the sacraments, except in the case of danger of death, commit a mortal sin.

CURT JESTER's hymn Adeste Infidelis for VOTF (FULL HYMN HERE)
"O Come, Voice of the Faithful,
Boastful and defiant,
O come ye dissidents to Boston, Mass
Come now and scold him
Scorn the resigned Cardinal
O come, let us exploit it,
O come, let us exploit it,
O come, let us exploit it,
the situation..."

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