Monday, December 19, 2005

Good article: "The Unholiday" by Jan LaRue, Concerned Women for America
"...But the tarnished star atop the unholiday’s bramble bush has to be the self-anointed cardinal of Congress, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts). Kennedy reached a new low on the floor of the Senate Monday where, in his relentless pursuit of political advantage, he expounded the gospel according to Ted:
Rather than debate whether the word “Christmas” should appear in our stores and on our greeting cards, shouldn’t we be living out the hope that came from the first Christmas and do more for our fellow citizens than greater tax breaks for the rich and greater hardship for the poor and everyone else?
There you have it. Mary and Joseph’s real mission in Bethlehem was to protest Herod’s wealth and the lack of affordable housing for the poor. Why else would a woman several months pregnant take a back-numbing donkey ride of 60-80 miles? The real hope of Christmas isn’t Jesus saving us from our sins—it’s politicians saving us from the rich....READ MOR HERE

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