Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kwanzaa NOT 'Catholic'..An article by Rich Leonardi

"....when Catholics try to “Catholicize” this thing called Kwanzaa — as it seems some are now doing — we are making a mistake. Kwanzaa is not an African-American tradition. In fact, it is not a tradition at all. It was invented in 1966 by an avowed anti-Christian for the express purpose of, among other things, diverting attention from Christmas.

"...The father of Kwanzaa, Ron Everett, began his career as a black separatist and follower of Malcolm X. After Africanizing his last name to “Karenga,” Everett formed a group called “United Slaves” which, while supposedly devoted to the cause of black nationalism, spent a considerable amount of time brutalizing other blacks. Everett’s followers murdered two members of a rival group, the Black Panthers, on a college campus in 1970. Everett himself did time in prison a few years later for assault, stemming from charges that he tortured two women with a hot soldering iron, a toaster, a vise, and other household implements, after making them drink detergent."
And at the risk of stating the obvious, Kwanzaa falls during the octave of Christmas. It distracts Christians from the uniqueness of the season. But that is exactly what Everett intended Kwanzaa to do."

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