Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bishop Tobin on RI 'Catholic' politicians: (Source: Projo.com)
(in reference to Sen. Reed, C. Fogarty & Cong. P. Kennedy)

"Receiving Holy Communion presumes that someone is well disposed and that they have both a structural union and a spiritual union with the church. If they find themselves outside of that spiritual and structural union with the church, then they shouldn't receive Holy Communion."
"This happens especially as they tiptoe around the abortion issue. How often have we heard a Catholic politician whimper, 'I'm personally opposed to abortion but don't want to impose my beliefs on others'?" He argued that they could not get away with this "pathetic cop-out" on matters like racism or sexual abuse. When work and faith collide, he wrote, the only resolution is to leave your job "and save your soul."
God or Constitution

"...isn't that self-evident, that nothing should be more important than our faith and our relationship with God, whatever the consequences are? It's that kind of conviction that led to great martyrs over the history of the church, and we probably need some more martyrs today."

"We don't believe that we are the lords of our own life. That originates from God, and ultimately God is responsible for it . . . God decides when life begins and when life ends...God required his own son to grovel and to suffer and go through intense physical and emotional pain. If God required that of his own son, why would we think that it would be inappropriate for other Christians to suffer in their lives?...The goal is not to avoid suffering but it's to integrate it in our lives."
ON GAY 'Marriage'
"God created marriage as a union of one man and one woman. It's a matter of natural law and, on some levels, a matter of common sense...Marriage has a very particular definition. It's a union of one man, one woman, together for life and for love, and if any part of that equation is removed, then it starts to undermine what marriage is. Perhaps it would be called something else -- which we still wouldn't approve of morally -- but it's certainly not a marriage."

"that line between prosperity and poverty is sometimes very thin. And that's . . . the same reason, by the way, that we speak on behalf of unborn children. They don't have a voice, and the line between life and death is very thin."

PADRE POINT: What a breath of fresh air!!!

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