Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fr. John Kiley hits nail on the head once again in recent column on cartoons
"The Providence Journal
, reflecting on the recent protests in the Islamic world about the publication of religious cartoons, boldly stated: "Well, we dislike disparagement of religious figures, too." Excuse me?
For the past five years the Journal and every other American publication have disparaged every Catholic religious figure from Vatican officials through Cardinal Bernard Law to the humblest parish priest. The sins of the few have been magnified and displayed for public ridicule in cartoon fashion so that even the illiterate could get in on the fun, nuance be damned! The Journal, and, no doubt, other American publications, views the issuing of disparaging religious cartoons as their support of "the right of free expression." Even when political cartoons of a religious nature offend people, the Journal feels uneasy but nonetheless duty bound to print them. Making a mockery of religion and the things of religion is justified under the banner of individual rights: "We must continue to respect and defend the rights of the individual." READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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