Friday, February 24, 2006

"Stop the Harm to Women." Good article on dangers of RU-486
SOURCE: Catholic Exchange
• Infection and Septic Shock: five deaths in North America alone; 66 additional infections, 46 of them life-threatening or serious.
• Hemorrhaging: One teenager outside the US died from bleeding; 42 women suffered life-threatening bleeding. Of the 237 women reported as hemorrhaging, about 70 required emergency blood transfusions; some lost over half their blood volume.
• Ectopic pregnancies: The mystery affliction can mask the presence of an ectopic pregnancy, which then might not be detected until it ruptures. Without surgery, women rapidly bleed to death. One died and eleven others suffered ruptures out of 17 such events.
• Documents record 235 emergency surgeries due to this affliction. Women have had heart attacks, and others needed stitches to close head wounds sustained when they lost consciousness.

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